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A conversation with Thais Barreto: “At Farmhouse I felt welcome and valued from the start.”

5 July 2024

In a conversation with Gijs Geene: “The enthusiasm and drive exhibited by farmers towards their sweet potatoes is contagious”

28 May 2024

In conversation with Siebe Heus – “Being the Supply Chain Planner for mango is interesting, but not always easy. Communication is crucial.”

17 November 2023

A suitcase full of… new discoveries from the USA

31 October 2023

Robbert van Essen

A conversation with Robbert van Essen – “From tough negotiator to relationship builder”

19 January 2023

Mike Looije

A conversation with Mike Looije – “On a course with the inspectors”

19 December 2022

Danielle duurzaamheid

The story behind sustainability – “I need everyone!”

19 August 2022

The story behind quality – “Food safety affects everyone”

26 July 2022