Our Companies

Farmhouse International has its own farms for avocados, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, fine vegetables and various speciality vegetables

Our company Yex, is a leading importer of a wide range of exotics and soft fruit.

At our company, Valstar, you can find a complete range of fruits and vegetables. Besides a wide local range, you can find the rest of your required assortment here. In short, everything in one place.

Full range of fruit and vegetables

Everything under one roof

At Valstar, you can find your complete AGF assortment. Besides a broad local supply, we offer the rest of your required fruit and vegetables. Every day, we deliver delicious, fresh and sustainable products. We work closely with local growers and suppliers but also operate at an expansive international level. With offices in Spain and the UK, we maintain strong links with overseas growers, guaranteeing excellent and consistent quality all year round.

In short: everything in one place.

Exotic fruit and vegetables

Looking for a wider product range?

Then you’ve come to the right place. At Yex you have access to a wide range of exotic fruit and vegetables and soft fruit. In addition to the products of Farmhouse’s joint ventures, Yex also sells the entire range of exotic fruit and vegetables from all over the world.

Specialist in fine & exclusive vegetables

Fine & exclusive vegetables straight from the farm?

FV SeleQt is a European specialist in fine vegetables, including pulses (legumes, haricot verts, and sugar snaps) and exclusive greenhouse vegetables (tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, and peppers). We also specialise in bimi and spring onions. We grow our products on farms in the Netherlands and Africa, supplemented by a strong network of partner growers. This enables us to offer our range to customers all year round.

At the beginning of 2024, FV Seleqt’s range expanded to include exclusive Eminent greenhouse vegetables. So from now on, you can go here for an even more extended range.


Farmers of avocado

Avocados straight from the grower?

Then you have to go to Avor, the avocado specialist. Avor is a company of the South African avocado grower Allesbeste and Farmhouse International. Avor supplies Avocados from Allesbeste, supplemented with harvests from carefully selected growers from other countries. Together with these growers, we can provide our customers with the best avocados all year round. Avor guarantees food safety, sustainability, and the best product quality.

Farmers of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes straight from the grower?

Choose SPOT, the sweet potato specialist. Spot is owned by Battleboro, a North Carolina sweet potato grower and Farmhouse International. The sweet potatoes are carefully grown, harvested, stored, processed, and shipped on our North Carolina farms. In order to provide our customers with the best sweet potatoes year-round, we supplement the range with sweet potatoes from other production areas.