Our brand Discovered

Discovered is the #1 colourful consumer brand for exotic fruit and vegetables.

Discovered stands for a high-quality range that has been carefully selected by our experts and comes from all corners of the world. We see it as a challenge to look for and discover products all over the world to amaze consumers. We look for growers who meet the highest quality standards and who, like us, have a passion for their product. Of course, achieving a future-proof sustainable-chain is a priority for our partners in all activities. It’s our task to allow consumers to experience the unique taste and many applications of our fruit and vegetables. With Discovered, we want to make it easier for consumers to enjoy our fruit and vegetables. We do this by means of product information, recipes, tips and other inspiration on our website, social media, on packaging and store materials and so on. Through our own market research and years of experience, we have a good understanding of consumers that we are happy to use to support our customers in their activities. If you like our passion and approach, please contact us to find out how we can help you further improve your fruit and vegetable range and return on it. So our service doesn’t stop with delivery, we also help you with increasing the sales.

Discovered Range

Discovered producten





Nashi pear


Butternut squash

Haricots verts

Green asparagus





Passion fruit

Sugar snaps


Sharon fruit

Snow peas

Drink coconut





Sweet potato

Would you like to feature Discovered in your range?

Would you like to feature Discovered in your range, or would you like to talk to us? Then contact our Commercial Director Edwin! 

Edwin van Leeuwen

Commercial Director