Farmhouse International

Farmhouse International is an international collaboration with and for growers.

Proud growers

Our proud growers only want one thing: to make sure as many consumers as possible are introduced to and get to enjoy the products they grow with such passion. Like our growers, we are convinced that we can only achieve this by doing business together. By doing what we are good at, achieving the tastiest products of the best quality together. This way we ensure a smile on the farmland and at the table!

All under one roof

Farmhouse International has farms for sweet potatoes, tomatoes, fine vegetables, avocados and various speciality vegetables. We supplement the harvest of these farms with that of carefully selected growers from all over the world. And so we can offer you the best products all year round. You can also buy a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables from our importer, Yex. For all your fruit and vegetable needs, Valstar is your partner.

Why Farmhouse?

Through the companies of Farmhouse International, you have access to a wide range of amazing fruit and vegetables. With our network of selected growers, you are assured of the right quality and year-round availability. Moreover, you can buy several products straight from the farmer.

And that’s not all. We offer tailor-made solutions in terms of marketing, logistics, ripening, sorting and packaging. This enables us to offer the right product and the right service to every customer.

Our core values

Our core values are: “Be happy, be involved and be proud”. Would you like to know more about what drives us? Then read more about our motto, mission and core values.


Shortest possible chain

We strongly believe in sustainable chains, without unnecessary links. The advantage for you is that you buy straight from the grower and transparency and efficiency are therefore guaranteed.

Knowledge & marketing expertise

At Farmhouse we know the entire chain. Through market research and years of experience, we know consumers. We are happy to use this knowledge to support our customers in their activities.

Quality & continuity

Because we work with products from our own growers, supplemented with the harvest from selected growers from all over the world, we can deliver the right quality all year round.

Customer-oriented logistics & packaging

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can absolutely call ourselves specialists in all aspects related to sorting, packaging, ripening, and transporting fresh products. Tailor-made services are self-evident to us.

One large farm

Farmhouse International is in fact a very large farm that houses a number of specialised growers. The following companies are settled under the Farmhouse roof:
Bedrijven farmhouse 2024
All business units have one thing in common; they strive to make the complete chain happy. Hence the universal motto: Connecting smiles!

Sustainability as a foundation

Sustainability is the foundation of Farmhouse. We want everyone to enjoy our amazing fruit and vegetables and have a positive impact on people, the environment and society. All links in the chain are part of that mission and sustainability is always an important factor. This helps us in getting a step closer to our goal each day: “Happy people, healthy planet”.

Visit our family!

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