Our core values

Learn more about what drives us… We strive for growers, retailers, wholesalers and consumers to be happy with Farmhouse. Hence the universal motto:
Our proud growers want only one thing: to introduce as many consumers as possible to and enjoy the products they grow with such passion. Just like our growers, we believe that we can only achieve this by doing things together. By doing what we are good at, we can produce the tastiest and highest quality products together. This is how we ensure a smile in the field and at the table!


The mission of Farmhouse reads as follows: Creating healthy chains with happy, involved and proud people. It is our mission to create ‘healthy chains’. This means that the chain is as efficient, effective, transparent and fair as possible for all stakeholders. A chain that makes everyone happy and proud is only feasible if all people are involved. In addition, we believe it is important to optimise this chain of food that is healthy by nature and to promote the health of consumers.

Core values

Farmhouse International’s core values are the foundation of our team and are essential to achieving our mission. Farmhouse has three core values, summarised in the Be HIP mentality: Be Happy, Be Involved and Be Proud.

Be happy

A happy team is a healthy business

A happy team is a healthy business. Our team is the heart of the company and we invest in it. If our team members are truly happy, their performance will be optimal and the company will remain healthy. Moreover, by starting with ourselves, we are better able to share our smile with others in the chain.

Be involved

Always involved with a personal touch

We strongly believe in partnerships and long-term relationships. Therefore, we value the involvement of our team with growers and customers in all processes. Our personal and committed approach enables us to create a healthy chain.

Be proud

Creating healthy chains, we can be proud of

We are proud of our team, of our growers and customers and of the products we sell. We always want to get the best out of everyone and everything and encourage our team, growers and customers to do the same. We all have one goal and that is to create healthy chains that we can be proud of.