Our brands

At Farmhouse International, we have several brands. With our brands, we aim to offer a high-quality range of various fruits and vegetables. Through our market research and years of experience, we have gained a good picture of the consumer, which we like to use to support our customers. Our mission goes beyond just offering fruit and vegetables. We want consumers to experience our products’ unique taste and many possibilities while contributing to the health of both people and the planet—the unique combination, if you ask us.

Healthy and responsible living is what we all want, right? Welcome to Discovered, a brand ready to bring you the delicious colours and flavours of exotic fruits and vegetables. As born explorers, we travel the world for the most extraordinary fruits and vegetables for you.

Discovered has an eye for the planet and for your health. That’s why we embrace a plant-based lifestyle and want to inspire you with delicious recipes, tips and tricks.

Eminent is the brand for exclusive greenhouse vegetables. Our range consists of special tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and sweet peppers. Through exclusive variations in taste, shape and colour, we take the vegetable experience to a higher level.

Our growers deliver fresh produce of the highest quality daily, grown by hand and packed and transported on-site. That means no robots, no bulk, but year-round delivery reliability.