A conversation with Thais Barreto: “At Farmhouse I felt welcome and valued from the start.”

5 July 2024

Meet Thais, a Peruvian student studying at Boston University. She recently started an internship with the marketing team at Farmhouse. Curious about her experience as an international intern? Read on!

“My name is Thais Barreto, and I am from Lima, Peru. I am currently studying Media Studies at Boston University. My passion lies in product marketing, data analysis, and brand strategy. In May, I had the opportunity to join the marketing team at Farmhouse, and since then, I have learned a tremendous amount.”

Community and Collaboration

“What struck me most at Farmhouse was the strong camaraderie and engagement. The people I met were incredibly friendly and inspiring, making me feel welcome and valued from the start.” Thais had the opportunity to explore various aspects of marketing and strategy, significantly enhancing her marketing knowledge. “Each project and challenge provided an opportunity to put my knowledge into practice!”

Feedback and Growth

The marketing department at Farmhouse is very versatile and never boring. As an intern, you get to participate in almost everything and truly become part of the team. This often leads to rapid development for interns, including Thais. “I am most proud of my development. I have learned valuable new skills.”

From taking photos to conducting market research for a new product, Thais tackled all tasks with enthusiasm. “I have learned to tackle various challenges and adapt to new situations. These elements are, in my opinion, essential for my future marketing career.”

As an intern, you truly become part of the team. “In the department, I was always able to express my opinion. This was very nice! People are also very open to new ideas, and there is room for fun activities and enjoyment alongside hard work.” In addition to fun activities, Thais also had the chance to fully immerse herself in Dutch culture. From experiencing a Friday afternoon social to trying typical Dutch snacks such as herring, bitterballen, stroopwafels, and licorice. “Immersing yourself in the culture is always part of the experience.” I went out with colleagues, and they introduced me to something new each time, making me feel completely at home at Farmhouse.”


The days fly by here, says Thais, and the end of the internship is unfortunately already in sight. For anyone wanting to get the most out of their internship, Thais advises asking as many questions as possible and actively working with feedback. “The colleagues at Farmhouse were welcoming and always willing to help, creating an environment where learning and growth are central. Highly recommended!” We will certainly miss Thais. Interested in a fun and challenging internship? We would love to hear from you!