Farmhouse Facts 2021 – ‘This makes me happy!’

29 March 2022

Jeroen Groenewegen, marketingmanager Farmhouse International:

'This makes me happy!'

Plenty of happy faces at the internal presentation of the very first Farmhouse annual report. The bundling of four wonderful companies under the Farmhouse roof has now been effective for one year, and the results have exceeded expectations. We have listed everything under the heading of Farmhouse Facts and we are all quite proud of that.

And we simply publish our annual report (a modest 30-page booklet) on paper. ‘On paper? In this digital age?’, I can hear you thinking. But we have a good reason for this. ‘…connecting smiles’ is our motto and human contact is at the top of our list. So we prefer to personally hand over this colourful booklet to our business relations. And luckily, we’re able to do so again! We have trade fairs coming up, customer visits are filling up the diaries and we are happy to come and see you again in person. And with this booklet in our pockets, of course. Oh, and by the way… the booklet is made from 100% recycled paper.

Farmhouse Facts 2022

What also makes me happy is our renewed website. It is a lot more colourful and dynamic. The many photos of employees passionately harvesting avocados, legumes, sweet potatoes and other exotic products in many countries provide a vivid image. An image that effectively illustrates that people are our priority. This reflects our motto. After all, ‘…connecting smiles’ is literally and figuratively the Farmhouse signature!”

Jeroen Groenewegen, Farmhouse Marketing Manager